hell yeah now we got buisness

i cant do coding but im trying and this basically exists so i can talk about yosuke at all the fuckin time 😎

yeah so i like persona and im sad all the time bc thats showbiz babe and now im gonna cry about yosuke because thats the only thing i can do sis because whips and nae naes im baby

heres my son lol, image is fucking huge sorry

uhhh the file name for this image is badboycascada.png 😘

and now the full yosuke story babe

so i ended up gettin into persona on a whim, partially because of the bang dream promo, and even more partially of this weird ass dream i had. it went somethin like this: go to wacky dream arcade do "persona" but using the same kinda system sword art online uses, wake the fuck up from dream, realize that sometimes it gotta be like that

and then i held off getting into persona for a month because i was doing fairy tail again instead. until late july that is. instead of p5, p1, p2, or p3, i decided to start at p4 for some godforbbiden reason. and i started watching nicob play it, (which i later abandoned to watch the anime, and even later watch shenpai play it. and i took one look at yosuke and decided "that. i stan that." and thats history! mmy love for him got progressively larger as time went on, as i read the mangas, or as much of them is uploaded to manga sites smh, and i listened to the (unfortunately c&d'd) midnight channel the musical.

so why do i love yosuke?

so basically! i love yosuke because hes such a genuinly good character and i can relate to him a lot! like seriously if i didnt stan yosuke id kin yosuke. he cares a lot about the it, even though he can be a little rat sometimes and i sososososo love his social link bc you get to hug him @ some point and thats just the purest fucking thing and i love him.

and thems the facts!! yshdjsjyshdjsjsjsj mwah

life update:my friends found this site winku